A while back one of my associates asked for an “ideal spec” for a Windows 8 developer on behalf of a partner who was looking to hire such a person. I won’t presume to have the ‘ideal,’ but here is a list that you might find helpful in your own recruiting efforts:

It would be best, of course, to find a developer with experience in one or more of the language/presentation layer choices for building apps: HTML/CSS/JS, C#(VB)/XAML, C++/XAML, and C++/DirectX. Experience in more than one is a big plus because of the platform’s support for writing mixed-language apps via WinRT components. And of these, DirectX experience is more specific to doing graphics apps vs. those with layout and data.

Other attractive qualifications:

  • Understands how to work with web services and web-based databases.
  • Strong testing skills and understanding of testing methodology. This will make a huge difference in delivering a top-quality app; those apps produced by developers who’ve never had to test much at all (e.g. many web-only developers) tend to have more bugs and fail Store certification more often.
  • Experience with Visual Studio a plus, as this reduces learning curve and helps productivity, though the tools can be learned, of course.
  • Experience in measuring and improving performance a plus, as again this will help produce a top-quality app, especially with web services.
  • Ability to learn and understand a platform, not just an app’s internals, which helps in understanding how to integrate all the platform features of Windows 8 into an app
  • Understands caching strategies for producing a mobile app that can operate with or without connectivity.
  • Respects the role of designers and enjoys working with them and maintaining a strong relationship–this will happen!
  • Experience with Windows Azure, Azure Mobile Services, and/or Windows Notification Service (WNS) a plus, especially for working with live tiles and notifications.
  • Familiarity with authentication, e.g. OAuth.
  • Mobile dev experience in general is a good thing.