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All of the material on this website is offered free of charge; much of it is also licensed for you to use in any kind of non-commercial venture. I’m also happy to allow some commercial uses (please contact me for details) free of charge.

It obviously takes time, effort, and money to produce these works and make them available to you. Since sharing is my goal, I’m not asking for any kind of up-front financial transaction. This way, my relationship with you through this site is based on freedom and generosity.

In that same spirit, I invite you to reciprocate with generosity but also with complete freedom. If you feel to donate to support my work (using the PayPal button or the address below), I’m grateful. If not, I’m still delighted that you’ve found this work useful or inspiring in some way.

If you are inspired, but feel awkward sending me money personally (since I’m not a non-profit, just a guy putting stuff on a website), feel free to “pay it forward” by making a gift of money and/or volunteered time to a worthy cause of your choice. This is always fun to hear about, so please let me know what you’ve done; it’s a great way to learn about new charities and other organizations that I’d never hear about otherwise. Plus, I’ll be happy to list that organization on this site and provide a link so others can learn about it too.

Thanks for your support, however you choose to offer it.

Please inquire for my address if you’d prefer to send a check or money order.

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