Mystic Microsoft: A Journey of Transformation in the Halls of High Technology

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Mystic Microsoft is freely offered through this web site and as a PDF e-book (see below). You're also invited, if you so choose, to print and bind your own copy of the book! The files on this page are all that you need to print on your own equipment or to have a print shop create a standard soft cover (perfect-bound) volume for you. Details are below.

See the Copyright and Usage Information for applicable permissions to share, distribute, and print copies of this book using these files. If you print your own, please consider making a donation.

Of course, if it's too much trouble to print your own copy, Mystic Microsoft is available in a professional-quality 6x9 perfect-bound edition:

Also, if you encounter problems or you don't find what you need here for your particular printing needs, please send email.


Available PDFs and Printing Instructions

Screen Version e-Book

This PDF is arranged for convenient on-screen reading with individual 6" x 9" pages. It includes front and back covers; extra blank pages (as necessary in a printed volume) have been removed.

This is also the best choice for making a simple printout for yourself. To save paper, tell Adobe Acrobat (or your PDF reader) to print two pages per sheet. To do this In Acrobat is as follows: in the Print dialog box under Page Handling, select "Multiple Pages per Sheet" in the Page Scaling listbox, then specify 2 pages per sheet. This will automatically scale the pages to half-sheet size and switch the paper orientation to landscape.

e-Book, 1.01MB

"Imposed" Internal Pages for Duplex Printing and Binding

This PDF is made for duplex printing on 8.5"x11" paper. The pages are ordered (that is, "imposed") so that you can print the whole thing on a duplex-capable printer, make one cut down the middle of the stack, and put them together to have a 5.5"x8.5" book that's ready for binding with one of the covers below. Note that this PDF contains all the blank pages necessary for this process, so don't be surprised that the first couple of pages are entirely blank.

Thus, if you have access to a suitable printer, you can take the printed stack to a copy center like FedEx-Kinko's and have them make the cut (about a dollar) and do the binding (spiral, perfect, comb...whatever you like). Check with the copy center for binding options.

Some copy centers will also prefer this format if they do the printing. Please note that the way Adobe Acrobat prints 2-up layouts, the pages are scaled smaller than they need to be; unfortunate, but I haven't found a fix for it yet.

8.5 x 11 Imposed Internals, 655KB

"Non-Imposed" Internal Pages for Print Shops/Online Printers

This PDF is, like the screen version, composed of individual pages but includes all the blank pages needed for printing a hardcopy and does not include the cover. Some copy centers (such as FedEx-Kinkos) will prefer to work with this PDF as they use their own page-arrangement (imposition) software.

Two sizes are available.

  1. The 6" x 9" version is the exact same PDF that was uploaded to to create the commercially-available printed edition. With this and the cover (with spine) below, you can use a service like LuLu to publish copies yourself for non-commercial uses.

    6 x 9 Internals, 910KB

  2. The 5.5" x 8.5" version is what you can to take to a local print shop to print on standard letter paper (most efficient). For other paper sizes (as in Europe and Asia), print shops can probably scale this version or the 6x9 version to match.

    5.5 x 8.5 Internals, 712KB


No Spine (6"x9" and 5.5"x8.5" sizes): These PDFs contains one page each for front and back as were incorporated into the e-Book version. These are best for spiral, comb, and other binding options that don't involve a spine. You can also use these to create extra covers for printouts you make on your own.

6 x 9 Cover without Spine, 208KB

5.5 x 8.5 Cover without Spine, 16KB

With Spine (6"x9" size only): This PDF is a single page that includes the front and back covers as well as the spine for use with perfect binding (standard soft cover book). It's the same PDF that was uploaded to LuLu to create printed volumes and is accordingly oversized to allow for trimming. Other print shops should be able to use this cover for both 6 x 9 and 5.5 x 8.5 volume sizes, scaling accordingly.

6 x 9 Cover with Spine, 1.03MB

Some print shops might prefer that the cover pages are separated from the spine. In this case, use one of the covers without spine above and also give them the following PDF that contains only the spine:

6 x 9 Spine Only, 133KB


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