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A Morning's Mnemonic Exercise – During a morning walk, I had a long stream of distinct thoughts and ideas that I wanted to remember when I got back home. Because I don't like to exercise while carrying a phone, voice recorder, or notepad, I utilized mnemonic techniques to create very short mnemonic, H3M2 SPIES, with which I was able to remember a series of distinct keywords: history, hieroglyphs, house, mnemonics, meditation, seclusion, projection, identity expansion, and scheduling. Those keywords, in turn, helped me remember the distinct thoughts that I wanted to remember. I found this process of creating a heavily-encoded term that contained a series of keywords that were themselves an encoding of my thoughts. In this article I share the whole thinking process that occurred that morning. September 21, 2018

The California Drought: A Problem of Consciousness? – A defense of my claim that "all problems in the world are ultimately problems of consciousness." It's easy to see this truth in matters of human interactions, but is it also true with impersonal factors like the weather and other natural events? And it ths claim defensible without resorting to metaphysical explanations? It is, because what makes such things a problem in the first place is that humans happen to be in the way of such events, and that placement is subject to human choice and thus a matter of consciousness. The very act of classifying a natural event as a problem in the first place is also itself an act of consciousness, because we could just as well classify such things as opportunities. September 2015

Leaving a Mark – So often in life we're focused on what kind of mark we're leaving on the world–our "significant" or "important" contributions that will, at least for a time, be remembered. Yet those marks invariably fade with time, at different rates, perhaps, but fade they will. What's more important then, are not the marks we leave on the world, but the marks that we allow our experiences in the world to leave on us, marks that accrue to the soul. April 2010

New Year's is Good Timing for New Year's Resolutions! – While I once thought that New Year's resolutions were little more than a form of cultural group therapy, the fact that millions of people are simultaneously focused on making changes to their lives gives real support for any changes we want to make in ourselves. January 2010

Saints in Small Packages – Cases of terminal childhood diseases often awaken our pity, and even dismay at the apparently unfairness of the universe. But in some cases, at least, there is the possibility of real purpose behind what otherwise appears to be a life cut short, a purpose to awaken in us not mere pity, but a deeper compassion and understanding. January 2010

Children or No Children–Which Life Path is More Valid? – To ask whether the life path of having a family is more or less valid than a life path of remaining childless is to ask the wrong question when either path is lived on auto-pilot. What truly brings validity to any life path is conscious intent, regardless of the forms involved. October 2009

Qualities of the Spinal Centers or "Chakras" (and related thoughts) – A reference article describing the spiritual and psychological aspects of the various spinal center or chakras. June 2009

Dynamic Balance: How to be Active, Engaged, and Energized without Burnout – The secret to living a "balanced life" is not to strike a balance between activity and passivity, but to strike a balance between the qualities of equally-energetic activities that utilize different parts of yourself. November 2007

A Matter of Choice – A road wash-out just before ski season opened gives cause to reflect on how circumstances never dictate a response; whether we see what life brings us as good or bad is a matter of choice. November 2006/March 2007

Rewriting the Negatives – The outcome of the 2004 presidential election inspired attitudes of vehement rejection, but truly, the easy path of negating negatives ultimately leaves us with nothing. But within the negation lies a much more empowering vision if we rewrite those negatives into constructive and tangible actions. November 2006

Courage on the Wall: An Experience of the Vietnam Memorial, Washington D.C. – Visiting the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., I found my the various pieces of my own name on the wall in the names of fallen soldiers. I realized then that while some part of all of us may have died in Vietnam, some part of those who died still lives in each of us. September 2006

The Hidden Messages of Music – Regardless of the external or "explicit" messages of any piece of music, as expressed by its lyrics, there is also a hidden or implicit message that's communicated through its qualities of feeling, our own emotional response to the music, its quality of energy, and its consciousness, which is to say its inherent resonance with our subtle energy bodies. What's communicated in these dimensions is the real message of the music. February 2005; Updated June 2009

Instruments for Positive Change – To be an instrument for positive change, the most important step is to keep yourself positive and uplifted. This is the first responsibility of anyone wishing to serve the world. Written as a handout for a talk to a group of Americorps*VISTA Volunteers. April 2003

Questions and Answers on Popular Conceptions of "Simple Living" – Simple living is about moving to the country, making your own clothes, growing your own food, and chucking away technology, right? May 2002/July 2007

The Power of Thoughts and Words – Even the smallest decision between love and anger can affect the entire world, as shown by the story of an email battle that erupted within Microsoft in 1996 but was resolved by a simple act of courageous love. February 1996/March 2007


  1. Carlos
    Posted February 26, 2018 at 3:04 pm | Permalink

    Trying to find an URL for downloading entire 1310 pages of your: Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Developer Reference)  but all I am able to find is the 256 page 'Preview'.     I have tried Amazon and Google with no luck. Does not seem to be available in its entirety any more.

    Can you provide an URL ? 

    • kraigb
      Posted November 21, 2018 at 9:08 pm | Permalink

      Apologies for not having seen this comment sooner! (I’m not much in the habit nowadays.) But you should be able to find the book at I just checked and it’s still there; you do need to join Microsoft Virtual Academy to download, but it’s free registration and won’t spam you or anything.

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