I completely forgot to post here that I've started doing a weekly Facebook Live session on the Ananda Music page, https://www.facebook.com/anandamusic1. Sessions happen Wednesdays, 9am PDT (or PST as soon as it changes). Each week I'm exploring a piece of music written by Swami Kriyananda, which each serve as antidotes to specific negative emotions in the kind of energy and consciousness expressed, and the way the music resonates with the spinal centers of chakras. Something I've been working with for the past 20 years! Find our more on anandamusic.org/antidotes.

It's been quite a while since I wrote a longer article for my collection here, as my energies have been so focused on Microsoft-related work the past few years. (Which reminds me that I should post some of that work, too!).

Be that as it may, I just posted this one:

A Morning's Mnemonic Exercise – During a morning walk, I had a long stream of distinct thoughts and ideas that I wanted to remember when I got back home. Because I don't like to exercise while carrying a phone, voice recorder, or notepad, I utilized mnemonic techniques to create very short mnemonic, H3M2 SPIES, with which I was able to remember a series of distinct keywords: history, hieroglyphs, house, mnemonics, meditation, seclusion, projection, identity expansion, and scheduling. Those keywords, in turn, helped me remember the distinct thoughts that I wanted to remember. I found this process of creating a heavily-encoded term that contained a series of keywords that were themselves an encoding of my thoughts. In this article I share the whole thinking process that occurred that morning.