Question: What data type does one use to pass a JavaScript Error object to a WinRT component?

Answer: None, actually. You cannot directly pass an Error object to native code in a component, as that object type won’t be meaningful in C++. You could stringify the Error and pass it as JSON, but that’s something of a pain.

What you can do instead is to source an exception in C++ (or C#), where those exceptions have known HRESULTs, because then you’ll get the appropriate errors in JavaScript thanks to the projection layer. It does take a little extra time (very small) to marshal this exception across the layer boundaries, but would only matter if you end up throwing millions of exceptions per second. (I hope that’s not the case!)

Here’s a C++ example to generate an Access Denied (E_ACCESSDENIED) that’s usable across the component boundary:

class ErrorHelper
static void ThrowAccessDenied();

throw ref new Platform::AccessDeniedException();

And clearly you can extend ErrorHelper to include other methods for additional errors you need to use.

Thanks to Rob Paveza for this solution.


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