Today I’m picking up a couple of smaller additions/changes to Windows 8.1, as yesterday’s post was quite lengthy.

First is that there’s much deeper SkyDrive integration in Windows 8.1. You can learn about this in the //build 2013 talk, What’s New for Working with Files (2-119). I haven’t gone into this in detail yet, so I’m not sure where it intersects with the WinRT API.

Second is that there are new tile sizes (small and large) with associated tile templates, along with some expanded capabilities in secondary tiles. With the latter, you can now provide multile tile sizes and multiple images per size so that the user can select their desired tile size and image directly in the consent popup, rather than having to do it on the Start screen. You can see more in The Windows.UI.StartScreen.SecondaryTiles class, as well as the Secondary tiles sample. My own talk at //build, Alive with Activity (3-159), covers all the tile changes.

On the subject of tiles, there are a couple more talks on push notifications and Windows Azure Mobile Services that are relevant:

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