Developers have sometimes asked what apps should do if edge gestures are accidentally invoked, especially for time-sensitive games.

Generally speaking, such apps should pay attention to when they lose focus, which can happen for left/right edge gestures as well as being snapped in favor of another app going into filled view and thus taking the focus. Many games, for instance, pause when snapped (also for playability's sake) and when the charms bar is invoked. The focus events that you can obtain on the top-level app window (e.g. the window object in JavaScript) help you out here.

For top/bottom swipes, these will invoke your own app bar if you provide one (otherwise they have no effect). In this case you can use the beforeShow/beforeHide (WinJS) or Opened/Closed (XAML) events to know when this happens.

More fundamentally, you can also use the events in Windows.UI.Input.EdgeGesture to detect the top/bottom swipes but this is a somewhat lower-level mechanism.

If you haven't seen it, the Designing great games for Windows topic in the docs is also worth a read on many other important points.


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